The Beautiful Tuschinski Theatre


Yesterday we went to Amsterdam and finally got to go to the historical and amazingly beautiful Tuschinski Cinema.  This theatre is for sure the most beautiful cinema I have ever been to and it was hard to not fall flat on my face as I walked around ogling the beautiful interior.  It has an amazing history, that survived the nazis, despite the fact that the owner did not, having been killed in the concentration camps. 


We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and it was the perfect environment to watch a film from one of my favourite directors.  The beautiful set design of the Grand Budapest Hotel wove seemingly seamless with the interior of the theatre and it felt as though I was being pulled between both worlds at the same time.  Please go visit this theatre when you are in Amsterdam. 


(photos are not mine)

Off to Utrecht today…and a little inspirational video….

We are going to Utrecht today for the first time, so I should have lots of lovely photos for you at some point, later on. In the meantime: been watching this gals videos lately. She is exploring the raw food journey, and getting in shape for a trip to Everest Base Camp, which she and her husband are documenting for a documentary. Nice message here…